In the eventuality that you need a website to promote your business, but you have a tight budget or maybe you do not have any experience in this sense, then one option to account for are the HTML templates.

As the name suggests, S-Ultra HTML+ Template Updater is a tiny piece of software that allows you to quickly update a wide variety of information in your HTML templates with just a couple of clicks.

The installation is quick, straightforward and does not require any special attention from your part. The program comes with a simplistic interface that consists of a medium-size window. In spite of the fact that it displays several options for the output and the data source, the GUI is fairly intuitive and you are unlikely to have any issues while using the tool.

It is worth mentioning that the application permits you to set the output file name as desired as well as fill in the entries from a CSV or XLS file that you should have readily available. On a side note, you should bear in mind that you need to make the modifications you want by editing the aforementioned files in Microsoft Excel.

You will be happy to learn that the application allows you to use custom placeholders that you create yourself or downloaded via the Internet. The feature can surely come in handy if you are designing templates for others, especially since they are likely to ask you to personalize their framework.

At the same time, the application allows you spin text that is found in the data source, an option that can save you valuable time when you are updating templates in bulk. Last, but not least important, you should know that the utility saves the updates you make to individual files in the directory you specify.

In case you are thinking of promoting your small business online, but you are having a hard time envisioning and then describing what you want to the web designer, then perhaps S-Ultra HTML+ Template Updater could come in handy.