Having a good command of the English language does not always equal to being an impeccable speller, not to mention that stress and other environmental factors might take their toll on your ability to produce flawless texts.

That is why resorting to a reliable spellchecker might come in handy at times so that you can be sure your writing reflects your ideas in a respectable manner. An application trying to help you in this regard is S-Ultra Power Spell Checker.

First of all, a few words about the program’s looks. Truth be said, it is not among the prettiest applications available out there, featuring a rather modest design.

The main window lets you choose from three spellchecking modes, namely “Built-in,” “Clipboard,” and “Other Software,” which we will detail below.

Besides, a “Settings” function enables you to easily adjust the app’s behavior. You can demand, for instance, that it ignores all-caps words or those incorporating numbers or comprising both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Adding unknown words to the program’s database is also possible and should prevent you from being prompted with erroneous suggestions.

Let’s go back to the app’s three modes. The built-in one basically allows you to add a text of your own either by typing it or by pasting it from the clipboard.

Note that there is no way to upload a text document, which would have simplified the whole process.

It is also worth knowing that the program suggests spelling improvements you need to manually approve. This is actually a double-edged sword since while it might take up some of your time, you may actually want to review the application’s instructions yourself because they are not always that accurate.

In any case, we have noticed that there is no “Save” button allowing you to create a new document with the resulting text, and at the same time, there is no way to remove the text you inserted other than by hitting the “Backspace” key.

As for the “Clipboard” mode, it behaves in a similar way, except that it no longer displays the text itself.

In the case of the third and last mode, namely “Other Software,” which should provide you with increased mobility especially when working with considerable amounts of text, things are a bit more complicated.

You have to create a combination of keys that should trigger the spellchecking process. Then, the app minimizes to the system tray, and only then can you get rid of your mistakes within said document.

All in all, S-Ultra Power Spell Checker is an application that did not put a lot of work in its looks. As for its capabilities, they are of moderate reliability and require the user to make quite a lot of moves in order to get to satisfying results.