S-Ultra Slide Show Viewer was built for creating slideshows using the pictures stored on your computer. There is a limited number of effects and types of background which can be added to the photos, along with different colors and music.

The first thing we should mention is that the application has many themes to choose from. During our tests, the image files could only be added using the built-in file browser, since drag and drop was not supported.

Standard, 3D and flash effects are available, each having distinct settings. When using the standard animations, you can set the background color and effect order. When it comes to 3D effects, for example, you can explore a room with photos hung on the wall.

Beside transitions, the program offers three background types. You can either choose a single or gradient color (formed by combining two) and if you don’t want any, you can select an image instead.

Using S-Ultra Slide Show Viewer, you can set the on-screen duration for each photo in the slideshow and shuffle them. The style can be changed to outlined with a transparent background, or it can be kept simple.

The background color and opacity can also be modified along with the text. You can give names to the pictures and set the text position (top, bottom or center), as well as customize font settings.

Sometimes, everything works better with music. So, you should know the program offers a feature which can incorporate songs into the slideshows. The supported audio file types are MP3, WMA and WAV.

A nice addition to its options is that, after you’ve finished creating the slideshow, you can set it as screensaver. However, it’s impossible to save the projects or export slideshows.

In conclusion, S-Ultra Slide Show Viewer is not a professional tool but offers many options for setting effects, background colors, text and music to play slideshows. There were a couple of stability issues in our tests on newer Windows but, hopefully, this won’t be your case.