SA Perfect Declipper is a sound enhancing Winamp plugin that enables you to improve the quality of your songs and remove the audio distortions that occurred during recording. It is capable of retrieving certain natural dynamics and restoring clipped areas from an audio stream.

Many songs are recorded at increased volume levels, which causes audio quality loss, reduction of dynamics and audio clipping. In other words, the loudest spikes or the bass smoothness in a song are removed, thus distorting the clarity and quality of the sound.

SA Perfect Declipper is capable of detecting the clipped areas in a song and restore the missing parts, based on the sound patterns. Also, it can identify the correct number of decibels an audio frame should feature and automatically performs the modification.

You can adjust the intensity of the sound tweaking, by selecting the level of tilt detection, when opening a file, the restoring precision, as well as veil elasticity. You can also set up the automatic detection rates, such as the limits of probable clipping.

The application features several algorithms designed to retrieve audio attributes, including scanning the left and right sound channels separately. This way, SA Perfect Declipper has a better chance of detecting irregularities.

Additionally, the software can retrieve or enhance natural dynamics, such as band coupling, flat frequency, custom boost, punch filter, sound smoothing or channel separation. The application can detect several different frequencies and adjust sound parameters in a particular way for each of them. You may select the sound adjustment and monitor each frequency individually.

SA Perfect Declipper is a comprehensive plugin, capable of detecting clipped audio area in songs and restore them to the quality they had when first recorded. It is a useful tool for those who wish to enhance the sound experience, restore spike levels, peak intensities, bass smoothness as well as retrieve audio natural dynamics.