If you want to enjoy some exotic music, an application that keeps you in touch with the sounds of the Far East is what you might need.  Saavn Music & Radio lets you listen to your favorite oriental music by browsing your favourite songs, creating custom playlists or setting up your own radio stations with this light-weight and easy-to-use Windows app.

The first thing the application does after login is ask you to choose your favorite artists and preferred language. Using the input data, it creates a customized playlist and improves the search options with the appropriate suggestions. Also, if you are the travelling type used to switching PCs throughout the day, the application has the option of syncing your music and playlists between devices with the help of a user account.

Similar to other multimedia sharing websites, Saavn Music & Radio has several tabs which allow you to sort out the music you should listen to based on occasion, artist, or trends. It doesn't matter if your favorite artist is new to the scene and with only five songs released, or a music legend with over 60 titles under their belt, the application gives you the option of listening to all their music.

Another way to find music is by choosing a theme from lists, depending on the events. For example, if you are attending a wedding,  press the "Wedding" button. If you want to bring some joy to your children, press the "For kids" button.

Currently, Saavn Music & Radio supports songs in 15 languages, including English, although its restricted to many countries. Selecting a new language automatically updates  the playlists with songs. To appeal to a wide range of users, the application's radio tab lets you access various music stations such as "Love notes", "Retro 70s and 80s" or "Workout" for the gym goers.

One thing worth mentioning is that, although is has an incredible music searching ability, the application lacks some basic audio player features (such as sound equalizer), so those who love having control over every aspect may find it too simplistic. Another aspect to take in consideration is that it does not have a shuffle option.

If you want to listen to your favorite Hindi music anywhere and anytime, then you can use Saavn Music & Radio, a visually pleasing and simple-to-use online music and radio player that comes with an abundance of playlist customization options.