Safe Passage is a personal VPN (Virtual Private Network) client for Windows that you can use with any SSH server account.

This allows you to surf the Internet without exposing your identity, and keeps your connections private, secure, and anonymous.

Safe Passage application is the ultimate Anonymizer since it can be used with ANY host that supports SSH.

Here are some key features of "Safe Passage ":

■ VPN Client for Windows.

■ Securely encrypts any TCP/IP or DNS traffic via SSH keeping your transfered data safe and private.

■ Tunnels MS WindowsTM Filesharing (SMB) transparently via SSH. This allows Windows Networking to work over a SSH Safe Passage Tunnel (a first in the industry!)

■ Easy to use and configure.

■ Works with any SSH Server account with no special configurations (SSH2).

■ Supports multiple protocols and applications, such as the Web, E-Mail, Usenet, SMB, and more.

■ Port blocking feature for higher security (A Stealth Mode thwartes network diagnostics that reveal the port blocking).

■ Remote Port Forwarding

■ Protects wireless traffic

■ Works on Ethernet, PPP, DSL, ADSL, and Wireless connections


■ 3 day trial