SafeDNS Agent is a complex yet user-friendly software solution aimed to offer you the means of preventing malware infections from dangerous websites, by blocking access to specific categories of pages, as well as white- and blacklisting certain URLs.

Once installed, you will need to log in using your account credentials, after which the utility retreats to the notification area, where it protects you without interfering with your activity.

The main window of the program allows you to configure SafeDNS Agent’s functioning parameters, as well as enable or disable filtering, with a single button press.

In order to protect yourself and other people using the same PC as you (for instance your children), firstly you should configure the tool’s ‘Settings’, as initially, it uses a default profile. Consequently, you can create one or more custom profiles, and switch between them as needed.

SafeDNS Agent lets you modify ‘Content Filtering Settings’, allowing you to determine the categories of websites that are permitted or blocked, based on their type: ‘Illegal Activity’, ‘Adult Related’, ‘Bandwidth Hogs’, ‘Time Wasters’ or ‘General Sites’.

The ‘Black / White Lists’ section helps you prevent access to specific websites, by specifying their URL. Moreover, the ‘Schedule’ component enables you to define strict hours of Internet usage. From the ‘Advanced’ tab, you can decide to allow only the sites you whitelisted or block all unknown pages.

Furthermore, SafeDNS Agent is able to protect the current configuration with a password, so others won’t be able to change it without your permission. Similarly, you can bind specific PC users to a filtering profile of your choice.

As a conclusion, SafeDNS Agent proves to be an efficient and reliable application that can successfully assist you in blocking access to certain web contents, being able to reduce the level of threat faced by your computer whenever you browse the Internet.