Despite its success in retail, Amazon sought to expand the business even more, thus coming up with Amazon Prime, a  video streaming platform based on subscriptions. This particular streaming service provides no support for downloading content for offline use, yet it's not the only one.

SameMovie Amazon Video Downloader aims to fill that gap, allowing its users to grab any clip and enjoy it at a later time, without logging in to Amazon or having an active internet connection.

Launching the app for the first time will prompt you to choose your region. This might not look like a very useful feature, yet the tool is supposed to preserve multi-language audio and subtitle files, so maybe that's why selecting a region is pushed right away.

Moving down the line, the interface seems to cater to casual users more than technical ones. A short search bar that takes Amazon URLs dons the Download section. The other segment — Library  — seems to have a listing role, displaying all completed tasks.

Regarding the supported formats, AZ Video Downloader works with only two, MP4 and MKV. Visit the settings menu to swap between the formats, determine the video quality for downloaded items, and save the audio description and surround audio track, if that's what you need.

All in all, AZ Video Downloader is a basic download utility handy for downloading content from a paid Amazon account.