SamLogic Visual Installer Professional is a reliable and easy to use application designed to help you create setup programs or wizards for Windows applications. You can generate re-distributable setup packages without extensive programming knowledge.

The software enables you to create setup packages for distribution on CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives or over the Internet. Moreover, you can build setup wizards compatible with all versions of Windows, from 98 to 8.1. Both 32 or 64 bit systems are support

Simply add the files that make up the installation wizard, such as images, icons, audio and executable documents, then choose whether they should be distributed in compressed mode or not. Additionally you need to select the support for the distribution of the setup pack: CD, DVD or USB flash and whether you wish to apply tree or simple structure.

The creation process implies pre-visualization of the end result, including the general layout of the setup wizard’s interface. You may enable several functions that your setup package can include. It may offer the end-user the possibility to delete an old program group, create an autorun file or allow the user to install the content on a removable drive. Additionally, you may add uninstall support.

You can arrange for the setup program to run on multiple versions of Windows and display a notification if the end-user’s computer does not meet the system requirements. Moreover, you can choose to create a self extracting installation assistant or upload it to a website through the specified server.

SamLogic Visual Installer Professional offers a wide range of creation tools, suited for both beginners and skilled programmers. Setup packages can be created using the visual support, or by writing code language scripts. The software also includes project managing and shortcut configuration functions.

SamLogic Visual Installer Professional enables you to generate customizable setup packages that meet your requirements and needs. Thus you may create installation assistants for stand alone programs, add-ons, add-ins or templates. The setup wizards may also perform additional tasks, such as check the computer for the required elements, offer version information, open a document or a webpage, run the program after installation or offer multiple language guides.