Whenever you develop an application you come to face the problem of creating an installer for your program, so that you can easily distribute it to other people with ease. Instead of having to develop one yourself, you could use SamLogic Visual Installer Standard and let it create one for you.

The application can help you assemble an installer pack for your program, without requiring you to have any programming skills.

The program allows you to build setup wizards for any of your applications, so that they can be distributed with CDs, DVDs or USB flash drives. Because it requires no programming skills, the application is easy to use for both inexperienced users, as well as for those who have created many program installers and are accustomed with certain protocols.

Furthermore, you can add all the files you need, then test your setup pack, in order to see how it would look like when used by others. This also gives you the possibility to tweak and improve it, before deploying it.

With the help of SamLogic Visual Installer Standard, you can compile and build advanced setup packs for your applications. You can create warnings for the users in case that they do not have certain requirements for your applications, such as third party software like Java or .Net Framework.

Aside from this, you can easily specify the operating systems supported by your programs, so that anyone installing your software would be aware of its specifications.

To sum it up, you can easily develop and deploy installation packs for your applications using SamLogic Visual Installer Standard, as the program is easy to use and requires no programming skills to be handled. Although Visual Installer Professional offers users several advantages when developing a setup pack, such as cooperation with MSI installers, multi-level menus or a scripting tool for advanced installations, the standard version still packs all the tools you need to generate setup packs quick and easy.