Sampler is a lightweight tool configured via a simple YAML file and that is designed to provide an alternative to the standard command prompt in Windows. While the utility can work as standalone, the developer recommends you use it with other advanced console emulators, such as Cmder, for instance.Moreover, if there is a way to get a metric using shell commands, then the application enables you to visualize it.

As with many other console alternatives out there, the program provides various improvements, such as the possibility to sample any dynamic process right from the terminal. Therefore, the utility can come in handy in numerous situations, such as analyzing changes in a database you are overseeing, monitoring MQ in-flight messages and even triggering a deployment script, just to name a few.

Then again, it is worth mentioning that the tool cannot act as a standalone option to full-scale monitoring system, as it is supposed to be more of an easy to setup development tool. In fact, the program can come in handy for users who are having a hard time spinning and configuring Prometheus with Grafana, considering that you do not have to bother with setting up servers, databases or deployments. In this case, all you need to do is specify the shell commands or define them in the YAML configuration file, run the app and then adjust the components size and location on the provided UI.