Sanderling is a user-friendly software solution functioning as a music catalog that enables you to quickly find your favorite songs among the items added by other users or the ones you add yourself from websites such as YouTube or SoundCloud.

The program is sufficiently easy to understand and handle, but it will require that you create an account and login to view your favorite songs from anywhere, while also allowing you to keep track of your 'Syncs'.

The main window of Sanderling displays the latest additions from other users, enabling you to 'Sync' with the ones you like. At the same time, by clicking on the hyperlink, the video or song is launched in your default web browser.

The 'Syncs' represent the conversions from a URL address to MP3 file. Once converted, the items are saved to the 'Music' library on your computer, so you can listen to them whenever you want, in your default media player. Additionally, it allows you to edit the ID tags of each song, adding elements like 'Album', 'Genre' or 'Year' of release.

Moreover, with Sanderling, you can search through the songs added by other users and 'Sync' them with your 'Music' library. It features several criteria, thus facilitating the retrieval of a quick and accurate result, for instance 'Artist', 'Album', 'Title', 'Genre' or 'Year'.

If the songs you want to play on your PC and listen to cannot be found in the current collection, you have the option of pasting the URL link of the item from YouTube or Soundcloud and convert it to MP3 in just moments, saving it to your PC.

To conclude, Sanderling is a useful and easy to understand application whose main purpose is to help you quickly find your favorite songs from the Internet and save them to your computer, enabling you to have access to them regardless of your current Internet access.