Every year most children wait for Santa to come to their houses and wait for him to bring them gifts, especially if they have been nice.

Santa's Home 3D Screensaver is a neat holiday-themed screensaver that will let you see what it would be like if you went to Santa's home instead.

Despite its age, the visuals have held their own even after all this time. The 3D rendering can only be described as "cute" and the textures go along with it very well. One drawback is the animation as it seems a bit too robotic, especially if you pay attention to the reindeer, but the overall atmosphere looks like something a child would love.

The lighting looks good and warm, especially considering the snowy background and the fact that the entire scene is set at night. The visuals are accompanied by nice Christmas music, thus making you feel like you're really in front of Santa Claus' house.

Santa's Home 3D Screensaver boasts nice visuals, but that does not mean it comes at the cost of performance. During testing, the app did not show any sign of FPS drops, performance spikes or loading errors.

However, if you do encounter any issues with this app due to having a somewhat older computer system, you could always adjust or disable some of the audio and visual features so that you can have a smoother experience.

Santa's Home 3D Screensaver impresses with nice visuals considering its age, a cleverly chosen setting and great music that creates the perfect Christmas atmosphere. If you feel like knocking on Santa's door just to take a look inside, or you just want to steal that snowman's carrot nose, then you can go ahead and add this screensaver to your library.