Application distribution and security would be difficult without an installer. It allows the compression of the needed files to run, and on access, prepares the application to be made use of. With the help of Savage Fly Install Time, all of that can be accomplished, and any file can be wrapped in an installer.

An intuitive design, and user friendly interface make for quick way to create your own personalized installer. Everything you can include is held in different tabs, so you won't be overwhelmed by the amount of data you have to keep track of.

For example there is a tab in which files needed for your application to run are selected and added, and one that lets you completely customize windows and steps that will guide the end user through the process. All tabs display a short description once accessed, to better know what you can do in each one.

What you offer to the end user, as far as windows are concerned, these can be re-sized, colored, fitted with buttons, and much more. No coding is required, you just drag and drop elements from a list, on your workspace, and edit their attributes in a properties tab.

Supported operating systems can be chosen to run on, so the end user won't face difficulties in case his computer is equipped with something else. Specific details about the application can also be added, as well as the language in which your wish the installer to display text.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Savage Fly Install Time not only makes installer creation fast, but due to its variety of options, and intuitive design, it can also be fun. It is a neat, and efficient way for developers to wrap their products up in a good looking package to offer to the end user.