Instagram is one of the most popular media sharing services, with millions of users worldwide. However, there is no image or video downloading option on Instagram which means a third-party application or a dedicated online service is required to grab content and save it offline. As its name implies, Instagrabber S. is designed with this purpose in mind.

Instagrabber S. can only be installed via the Windows Store on a Windows 10 system. The application is immediately available, displaying its main screen, which prompts you to login to your Instagram account. On the downside, there is no option to create a new account in case you don't own one.

Once logged in, Instagrabber S. displays the latest posts of the Instagram users you are following or of those who are following you, along with their number of likes and comments. However, it's not possible to read the comments, see the users who liked the picture or even like a post which, in the end, is understandable, since the application is not a desktop client for Instagram.

Each post has a download button attached, and pressing it grabs the file and saves it in the default location, which can be modified via the Settings area. Unfortunately, there is no search option to look for specific images that match particular criteria, which is an important drawback.

The lack of a built-in refresh button is another missing feature, as you must log out and log in once more to get new content in the main window of Insta Grabber PRO.

Instagrabber S. works as promised, downloading Instagram content and allowing you to create an offline media collection of pictures, videos, and stories you like. However, it lacks a few features that would add to its value and make it more appealing to users, especially since there are online Instagram downloaders among its competitors.