There are multiple threats looming over computer systems today, among which one is the danger of exposing sensitive or private data to third parties. There are multiple methods of protecting the PC against such dangers, both manual and automatic, but employing a dedicated cleaner is probably one of the best solutions.

One such application is SB Cleaner Standard Edition, as it allows users to erase a wide variety of information from their computers in a secure environment. This includes data related to previously installed programs, games, Internet browsing history, cookies, and caches.

Altogether, the tool makes use of 15 deletion methods, including normal file erasure, but also more advanced operations, such as DoD 5220.22-M, Gutmann Lite, and US Army AR-380-19 algorithms. In essence, one could say the program is a protection and cleaning suite since there are multiple largely independent modules available to users.

Among these, one can mention the shredder, the junk file cleaner or the email checker. A RAM cleaner and defragmentation utility is also present, which makes this a good tool for speeding up the overall performance of the computer.

One of the great features of this program is that, regardless of the tool chosen, the application can generate a system restore point. This is a good method of ensuring cleanups do not leave the computer in a state worse than before the scan began.

In conclusion, SB Cleaner Standard Edition is a valuable tool for users who regularly connect their PC to the Internet and want increased data protection.