Scanitto Pro is a simple to use and lightweight software solution specifically designed to help you acquire images from the scanner.

After you install the application, its clean interface is displayed, allowing you to select the scan source and customize the properties of the scanned documents.

The image settings you can adjust refer to the scan mode and you can select from color, black and white or gray. The resolution can also be customized, along with the size of the document, which can be A4, A1, B4, US letter or freely resized as you see fit.

Furthermore, Scanitto Pro enables you to change the contrast and the brightness of your scanned image, specify a custom name for the files and select their output format, choosing from PDF, JPEG and TIFF.

Relying on a powerful OCR engine, the utility provides you with the possibility to select images stored on your computer and analyze them in order to extract the text and export it to RTF, TXT or DOCX format.

Additionally, using the images you opened and those that you scanned, you can create multi-page PDF or TIFF files. If you save them as a PDF, Scanitto Pro allows you to make the document searchable and also to adjust the compression rate.

Another feature that this application comes with is the support for uploading your files to various websites, such as Facebook, Google Drive, Twitter or Dropbox.

Scanitto Pro, offering OCR (optical character recognition) support, is a worth having tool for everyone that wants to easily scan and extract the text from their images and documents.