ScanSet is a software utility that enables developers to have their applications select a certain document scanner automatically, without requiring user input. It does not modify any settings in the Windows registry, as it relies on the TWAIN Source Manager when setting the active device.

This application enables developers to ensure the right document scanner is selected, and it can minimize the number of actions that need to be performed by the user. It is designed to be integrated into other programs, and it is launched without displaying a command-line window.

Before anything else, you should consult the documentation available on the product’s homepage to get a better idea of how the software can be put to use. The full list of supported arguments can also be accessed by running the program in the command console.

ScanSet is capable of performing multiple actions, such as getting the current scanner name, listing all installed devices and their info, as well as setting the default scanner based on its name or number.

Multiple actions can be defined when writing a single command, and the software also offers you the option of sending relevant information to a text file that can be used for other operations.