Halloween is one of the scariest and most awaited events of the year, when adults and children alike dress in their favorite terrifying or adorable costume, based on movies, animals, fantasy and fairy stories or classic fables. They go trick-or-treating from door to door to receive candy, fruits or other related goodies.

If you spend most of your time in front of a computer and wish to get into the spooky atmosphere before the celebration comes, then Scary Halloween 3D Screensaver is the best choice. It transfers you in a terrifying cemetery with an old church in the background and scary Jack-o-Lanterns scattered across the place, which brings that creepy and spooky feeling we get during this event. Specific music and colorful graphics bring the true excitement directly into your desktop.

The setup doesn't really take too much time or effort and, once it's completed, the configuration window pops-up immediately so you can test the tool right away. It's recommended to check if the PC runs the latest DirectX, as it's required to properly work.

The interface is straightforward and self-explanatory and consists of a single window, where you can disable and alter various options. It provides display and sound controls, along with miscellaneous attributes.

The properties panel lets you preview the screensaver, while the app automatically detects the video adapter and offers various display modes to pick from. In addition, you can disable the fullscreen antialiasing, exit on mouse gesture and modify the camera speed. It's possible to show the time, the proper time format and FPS.

What's more, you can enable the music and adjust the volume. However, there is no option to choose a custom song, which diminishes the user's ability to personalize the screensaver.

In conclusion, Scary Halloween 3D Screensaver is a fun and entertaining utility, accessible for everyone, comes with a digital clock display, sound and music properties, while also enabling you to create a balance between overall performance and visuals.