Schedule Creator is a lightweight software designed to assist users in planning various sports events. Team shuffling can be controlled, and the output file can be exported to several common formats.

The resource comes with a clean and intuitive interface. There are only a handful of customizable fields and an equally low number of buttons.

Essentially, the tool requires only two parameters to be defined by the user: the number of teams involved and the number of weeks (i.e. the duration of the tournament or event).

Upon entering this basic information, a simple click on the “Create schedule” button will display all the permutations.

The operations performed so far will suit most needs. However, some users might require more complex schedules.

Some customization is possible; for example, one can add shuffle effects to the schedule. Essentially this allows users to mix how the team pairing is generated.

There are three options: “Shuffle Columns” (mixes the team-pairing schedules within each week) “Shuffle Repeating Weeks” (allows the weeks to be rearranged after pairings have been created) and “Shuffle Rows” (teams are randomly paired). Playing around with these functions will generate less predictable team matches.

The application also supports entering a starting time and date for the given event. All the weekly events are then calculated from this point forward. Off dates can also be included in the planner. Once the schedule is finished, the result can be exported to either CSV, XLS or HTML format.

To conclude, Schedule Creator is a very simple and efficient program, designed to help users create sports schedules. The export function complements the application's functions and the whole package has a reasonable price tag!