Electrical engineers and those who are involved in designing electrical schematics could require a specialized software for such actions. Schematics Maker was developed precisely for such undertakings and it will allow users to create, edit and export circuit board schematics. Featuring diagram design tools and numerous features for electrical layouts it comes packed with a full range of electrical symbols.

Schematics Maker comes packed with a standard diagram editor interface that is comprised from an accessible ribbon menu at the top, adjacent side panels for the symbol library and a large viewing area. One will be able to easily create new projects and the utility offers a broad range of templates.

Once a preferred template has been selected, users can populate it with electrical symbols and Schematics Maker does provide ample customization. Its library of electrical symbols is well structured, in collapsible categories that are easy-to-manage.

Users will be able to add all the required electrical symbols with ease, by simply dragging them from the library and they can be resized, docked and connected with no trouble, thanks to proximity snapping.

Each element can be refined even more. By selecting its corresponding transparency, shading, tint, width, line type, rounding, etc. All the adjustments can be performed with ease, by using either the provided sliders or inputting figures manually in the adjacent fields.

Schematics Maker could be an excellent choice for those who wish to develop and export electrical schematics efficiently. It will offer them an accessible package that boasts intuitive handling and carries an impressive set of diagram and electrical layout design tools. Boosted with an extensive library of electrical symbols, the utility ensures that users will be able to achieve the preferred designs in a very short time.