SCIENCE FAIR is a useful application that presents ten real-world applications of physics and math! For kids aged 9 to 16.

LEVERS teaches you about the three different lever types and forces required to balance them.

PENDULUM studies basic oscillations - see effects of changing lengths, weight, and friction. Plots are given.

WATER WHEEL demonstrates the exciting world of chaos. Examine wheel motion as different water flow rates are used.

MOON LANDER gives practice in understanding concepts of speed and acceleration as you try to land on the moon.

WEATHER WATCH provides tools that allow you to identify and predict trends in the weather.

CIRCUITS lets you to build electric circuits from batteries, switches, light bulbs. See effects of different circuit types, burned out bulbs, switch positions.

ROBOTICS allows you to study the world of robots using a 2-dimensional, two-link robotic arm.

TRAJECTORIES is a simulation of a flying object. The program introduces estimation and answer refinement skills.

ROCKETRY is a demonstration of model rocket launches - vary thrust, burn time, and rocket mass.

PROBABILITY introduces an exciting field of mathematics with problems in coin flipping, dice rolling, and dropping toothpicks!


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