SClock Plus is an easy-to-use desktop multilingual Speaking Clock with skin support and full-featured alarm system, that allows an user to set multiple alarms.

Each alarm can Speak Clock and would be set to go off at various intervals: daily, Monday, Tuesday... Saturday, Sunday of every week, etc.

Use SClock Plus to set each alarm to run an application, open a document or a picture, play a wave file or just display a message.

SClock Plus can be vastly customized and has very intuitive and smart user interface.

You can even customize SClock Plus to speak time, play a wav file and alarm, four times every hour or more. SClock Plus can talk time using your language or language of your country

What's New in This Release:

■ Lots of minor bugfixes

■ Added "Month before the day" option

■ Added "English funny voice" language pack

■ Added Russian language


■ 30 day trial