Music is not only a way to relax while listened to, but can be whilst being created. And with the help of specialized applications, an audio masterpiece can be done from the comfort of your desk chair. Score Writer Tries to be by your side to help you accomplish just that thing.

The application is fairly easy to use. You start off with a blank sheet where, after selecting the desired instrument you want to pleasure your ears, you just point your cursor at the desired location and click to place a note. Before you start getting creative, you are given various instruments to choose from, as well as the measure in which it is played, and info, such as title and composer.

You might find yourself scratching the back of your head, if theory is new to you. You only have to do with notes, no buttons and bright colors featured by other such applications. Don't get discouraged though, as this can prove to be a neat way to learn how to read and write music, because not only books can be read. This might come in handy if one day you are holding a music instrument and are given a piece on paper on which lies written sound.

There is always the option to play your selected creation, letting you constantly check on your progress to ensure you are on the right track. Last but not least, you may choose to print it, or export as an audio file.

Score Writer provides a straight forward approach on music creating. A lightweight, accessible application such as this, may not only be a handy tool, but also a suitable teacher in case you happened to miss one too many music classes.