Capturing an image in just the exact moment on your screen can be a winning argument in a dispute, as well as serve for details in testing purposes. Luckily, with the help of applications such as Screen Loupe 2000 you are able to zoom in and take snapshots of your screen activity.

The application comes equipped with little features and puts them in an environment which quickly gets you up and running. Most of its time is spent hidden in the system tray, so it does not take up precious space on your desktop.

In technical terms, it is capable of running on a great deal of configurations due to the little space required on your hard disk drive, as well as the amount of system resources used, your computer not feeling a thing from keeping it running.

Its main purpose is to give you the possibility to magnify nearly any area on your screen and have it quickly pasted to an image editing application. By default it brings up the operating system's image processing station, but you can add any other you are using,

However, functionality leaves a little something to be desired, because to integrated hotkey support lets you take advantage of features other than the ones found in the toolbar.

The magnifying option also seems to be flawed, an only follows the mouse cursor around, without adjusting camera. Moreover, you can take a screenshot of screen activity, but there is no option that lets you set a default destination folder.

To sum it up, Screen Loupe 2000 is but a small application which could have come in handy if the design was properly done. Available features put at your disposal only count as few, with no real benefit gained form enhancing image files.