Screen OCR is an interesting and quite simple to understand software solution aimed to offer you the ability of grabbing text from a wide range of sources, particularly those which do not support copying actions.

Subsequent to the installation process, the application runs in the notification area, enabling to to work with it whenever you need, yet otherwise staying out of your way.

Its features and functions can be accessed through a context menu, both from the system tray and after selecting a certain bit of text, which you want to copy.

Screen OCR can be used by clicking on its system tray icon, causing your entire desktop to become a selectable surface, so you can pinpoint the area you want to copy, using your mouse. After highlighting the area you need to retrieve text from, the tool will process the data and display the ‘text’ it managed to discerne.

Furthermore, it lets you pick one of the available save options, for instance ‘Copy Text’, ‘Add Text to OCR.txt’, ‘Edit As Plain Text’, ‘Add Text To’ a ‘New File’ or an ‘Existing File’, as well as ‘Send Text By Email’. However, uncommon fonts seem harder to interpret by the program, sometimes resulting in a poor outcome.

Screen OCR is also capable of capturing images, which means it can very well function as a screenshot utility. The grabbed picture can be previewed in a submenu, as well as copied to clipboard or saved to one of several formats, namely JPG, BMP, PNG or TIFF. You can also print or edit it in your default software.

To conclude, Screen OCR is a handy application which ideally means to enhance the way you work with your clipboard, by allowing you to grab text from any source or capture images, which you can save for further work.