If you are the kind of person who is rarely seen without your digital camera, there is no doubt that you are proud of your work and would like to share it with the world.

Screen Paver allows you to create a slideshow using your own digital photo album collections and set it as a screensaver on your personal computer.

Upon installation, the software suggests you browse through its settings. While some users might be curious about how the program works and want to get started, you should know that the Settings window is where the magic happens.

To be more precise, you should first select the pictures, music, transition effects and overlays before you have the chance to make a first impression about the potential of this utility.

The software solution includes quite a few customization options, such as captions, backgrounds and single-click individual transitions between pictures.

Once you run through the settings, you have to open the program again to view your slideshow screensaver, an extra step some users might find unnecessary.

Speaking of drawbacks, Screen Paver does not allow you to preview your finished project and you have to re-launch the app every time you want to check out any option you changed. An alternative would be to wait until your computer goes idle.

The highlight of the application is that it allows you to load a vast number of images from the local and network directories. Therefore, if you have your digital camera connected to your computer, you can load the picture albums directly from there.

You can display the photos in alphabetically or by file date, set the last image as wallpaper and apply suitable transition effects and speeds for your slideshow. In addition, you can select a transparent background or one that does not fill in the screen and distracts the viewer.

Overall, Screen Paver is a clean, simple and easy-to-use application that comes with all the basic features you might need to create your very own slideshow screensaver.