Screen Recorder Studio is both a snapshot-taking software tool and a video recorder with webcam support. The application makes it easy for you to take screenshots or capture the screen activity, while also providing options to upload the output online or to a FTP server.

As it is usually the case with this kind of applications, Screen Recorder Studio runs in the background, remaining active in the system tray and waiting for your input. It can take screenshots of a certain desktop area, the currently opened window or the entire screen. A default hotkey is associated to each of these actions but you can change the key combinations from the application’s settings.

You can easily choose the size of the region to capture using drag and drop and move the capture window around with your mouse to position it wherever you want.

Aside from taking snapshots, Screen Recorder Studio can also be used for creating videos and recording webcam activity. Everything is intuitive so you will get the hang of it in no time.

One of the most notable features of Screen Recorder Studio is related to annotations you can make to your videos and screenshots. It enables you to overlay text notes, as well as add various shapes and arrow symbols, which is very helpful when trying to draw the attention of the audience to specific areas, especially in a recorded video.

The resulting screenshots and the videos can be easily uploaded online to a FTP server, a HTTP server (a sharable link is provided to you), copied to the clipboard or saved locally. Furthermore, the application features YouTube integration. Once logged into your YouTube account, you can upload videos directly, with just a few clicks, once the recording is completed. Video preview is possible prior to upload.

Considering the feature set described above, one could say that Screen Recorder Studio is a good option when it comes to choosing a screen capturing tool. And it is, more so that it is easy to use and comes with a few options that few of its competitors have, such as preset actions for the resulting screenshots, taking screenshots during video recording, capturing from multiple cameras, or quick video upload to YouTube.

On the downside, we experienced a few issues when testing the application on a two-screen computer. To be more specific, Screen Recorder Studio failed to recognize the secondary screen, which made it impossible for us to capture anything on it.

Disregarding this last issue, which wil probably be solved in future releases, Screen Recorder Studio is definitely worth a try.