When playing the teacher and trying to prove your point in a discussion on a tech topic, the most convenient approach remain showing what you mean on an actual computer.

But when you are far from your target, the only option is recording and sharing your screen remotely, and this is exactly what a Chrome extension such as Screencastify is capable of doing.

As mentioned, Screencastify is an easy-to-use add-on for your Chrome browser you can resort to whenever you need to record any action on your desktop or in a specific window. All you need to do is click its icon, initiate the recording process, and proceed with your demo just as usual.

It is worth knowing that the screen recorder supports the use of a microphone, and as far as storing options are concerned, you can save your videos either locally or to Google Drive. In case you opt for the former, GIF and MP4 are your alternatives as far as the file format for your recording is concerned.

Before starting your presentation or tutorial, in order to be ready, you can use a countdown announcing when the program starts capturing your actions, which, it must be said, can be cropped, trimmed, and assigned annotations.

For comfortable navigation, the extension enables you to employ hotkeys, helping you save considerable amounts of time.

On an ednging note, Screencastify is a handy piece of software capable of recording your entire screen or specific sections contained by it in no time. It comes as a browser extension for Chrome, allowing you to easily share your videos with friends and proving to be a great tool for video tutorials, presentations, and any other kind of exchange of tips and tricks.