ScreenLogger Personal is a lightweight and user-friendly application developed mainly for supervision purposes, as it can be used for monitoring your children or your employees' computers in order to make sure they do not use it for forbidden activities.

The program is fairly simple to work with, requiring a minimal level of experience with previous tools. Once it is installed, in automatically starts minimized in the system tray, where it can easily be accessed and configured according to your preferences.

In order to view ScreenLogger Personal's main window, you can select the 'Show' option from the system tray menu. This will enable you to choose the 'LogFile' path, so all the saved records can be stored in a safe location, where the targeted individual cannot find it by accident.

ScreenLogger Personal allows you to choose whether to continue to show the system tray icon or hide it, while also being able to run it at Windows startup. Additionally, you have the option of inputting the 'Active Monitoring Time' between user-defined hours and on specified days of the week. You can even choose the interval between screenshots, the lowest value being 30 seconds apart.

The 'View LogFile' button enables you to display a detailed list of all the activities undertaken at the monitored computer, for instance the used utilities, any entered passwords, accessed websites, clipboard items or snapshots. Each item has a time stamp, so you can view the exact order of events. You can 'Search For Today' or 'Search Through All Days', as well as use the calendar to look at specific dates. The information can be saved to an XLS document or printed for further analysis.

In conclusion, ScreenLogger Personal is a useful piece of software that is meant to assist you in monitoring the computers at work or at home and make sure that no illicit activities are taking place under your nose.