ScreenMeter is a lightweight and useful tool for your business, since it enables you to remotely monitor your employees’ computer activity. You can survey both employees or freelancers, monitor their work time, their breaks and witness the project progress.

ScreenMeter contains two components that enable you to perform an efficient management on your business. There is the desktop application that monitors the total session time, and allows you to set up new tasks, then mark them completed or ongoing.

The second component is Web-based and you can easily access it through the browser. ScreenMeter is a cloud-based activity managing service, that enables you to keep track of work hours, breaks and task progression.

You can view and manage the working hours according to you own policy. The Web-based service offers a quick surveillance platform where you can view the elapsed work hours and the method used for recording them. You can log in work time manually or let the program record it automatically.

You can view detailed activity reports for each employee, sorted by tasks. When creating a task, you can assign one or more users to it, so that it logs separately for each of them. You can easily add more projects and subsequent tasks, then mark them active or completed. Users may only log in work hours for active projects.

ScreenMeter allows a business relation at a distance, so you may not have much contact with your employees, but instead, you have the means to accurately monitor their activity. ScreenMeter automatically takes screenshots at a specified time interval then publishes them, along with a time stamp on the online profile.

Using the Web-based database service you can list all the current employees, as well as send out invites to new associates. You can easily manage an employee’s profile, by changing contact data or disabling the screen captures, the inactivity reminder or set approval for manual logs.

ScreenMeter is a useful instrument for employee activity management, especially when you conduct your business from different places. Your associates may be in different cities, but you can easily monitor their work time, inactivity or assign them tasks.