If you are willing to go the extra mile when customizing your computer, you are definitely excited about the idea of creating your own screensaver.

For this, you obviously need a dedicated software utility that should not only boast a rich feature set but also make the entire task as relaxing as possible. Screensaver Wonder is a product that claims to have all these and whose capabilities we analyze in the following.

Following an uneventful setup process, the application prompts you with an intuitive user interface that lets you create two types of screensavers, based on either images or videos.

Once you decide what kind of screensaver you would like to try your hand at, to lay the basis of your project, all you need to do is select the media files you want to include in it. Note that, if you work with images, you can even specify an entire folder, with the possibility of rearranging your items so that they come in an intuitive order.

It is also worth mentioning that you are allowed to indicate the duration of each image on your screen, with the possibility of previewing your creation starting this moment.

Enriching your project with sound should be a hassle-free task, and the same applies to selecting a background to your own liking. A gradient fill, a random color, or an image of your choice can be used for this purpose. Note that several viewing modes are available for this background picture, namely tile, stretch, center, and fill.

What’s more, the item order is also subject to your own will, with three different options being put at your disposal, namely sequential, random, and shuffle. Needless to say, there are a multitude of transition effects you can consider.

As for the technical side of designing a screensaver, you are allowed to configure its behavior and choose when to stop. The user could exit once they move their mouse, click it, or press a specific or random key.

Besides, your screensaver’s metadata can also be managed from within the program, which lets you give it a name, indicate an author as well as associate it with a website. A "Read me" text as well as other project notes can be bundled so that your product becomes thorough and your copyright is protected.

When you consider your project complete, you need to inspect your three alternatives as far as the output file is concerned. You can create and install the screensaver on your PC, prepare it for distribution and sharing, or just open its main interface, with the possibility of optimizing it for specific screen resolutions.

On an ending note, Screensaver Wonder is a fun and resourceful tool that helps you design dynamic screensavers either for personal use or in order to share them with friends. It lets you compile images or videos, with the possibility of trimming them so that they have that professional feel you are most probably after.