If you are frequently capturing stills of your screen and need a good way to stitch the resulting images together, you probably should turn to third-party applications that can simplify this task.

Screenshot Join is one of the software solutions mentioned above that can help you combine multiple screenshots into a single one in no time, as it requires no additional configuration.

This application can be deployed easily on the target machine, since it's a Windows Store app and setting it up can be done without performing complicated configuration steps.

The only necessary actions are navigating to the product's page and hitting the "Get App" or "Install" buttons, as the rest of the process is carried out automatically, without any assistance on your side.

Screenshot Join comes with a simplistic interface, making it possible even for novices to benefit from its capabilities with ease, regardless of their previous experience with similar software.

The main window consists of a few buttons, one for adding screenshots, one for using the webcam, one for saving the result and two for triggering additional actions, such as viewing recent projects or changing the resolution.

This application can help you stitch multiple screenshots into a single image. This can be useful when you want to capture a long article on a website and need to scroll down to capture different parts of the same image.

You can stitch them vertically and horizontally alike, but you should keep in mind that the former scenario requires your screenshots to have matching widths, while the latter requires matching heights.

All things considered, Screenshot Join is a reliable app that can help you stitch multiple screenshots into a single image. It can be easily installed on your PC, comes with an intuitive interface and lets you stitch horizontally or vertically.