ScreenShot2Email automatically sends the entire screen or the active window via email. ScreenShot2Email is an easy to use screenshot maker. Sends entire screen or active window via email in one from 5 file formats (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP). Small and fast.

ScreenShot2Email has a user-friendly and simple interface. Also, using ScreenShot2Email, you have an opportunity to send your screenshots in various formats and you can add comments (as watermarks) on a screenshots.

The opportunity of definable hotkeys for a screenshot creation make the process of creation and sending easier, and a small size of created images (you can achieve it using your favorite graphic format of these images) that will reduce time of sending your e-mail.

Here are some key features of "ScreenShot2Email":

■ Makes shots of active window and entire screen directly to printer;

■ Easy to use;

■ Text watermark;

■ High speed;

■ Redefinable hotkeys;

■ Small executable size;

■ Customizable separated shortcuts for active window and entire screen;

■ Minimizes to tray.


■ video display operating at 800x600 hi-color

■ 486 processor or higher

■ 16 MB RAM

■ 3 MB free disk space


■ Watermark on the captured files

■ 20 screenshots allowed