ScreenSpace has the potential to be a convenient solution for users who want and need a simple solution that helps them create short visuals, small clips for promotional content.

ScreenSpace gets installed in less than a minute and does not need additional prerequisites. The program's interface is easy to navigate and it quickly allows you to add video content. The app supports well-known video formats and, once uploaded, the content is saved in your account, on their server.

The program's traits include video arrangement and adaptation for different screens, the inclusion of different edit modes, the addition of transitions, and more. None of these features are extremely impressive and probably the most useful tools, for a beginner, are ScreenSpace's Presets (a series of templates, with a combination of effects).

Probably a major distinctive advantage that this application has is the collaborative environment it nurtures. You can create one or more projects, add multiple users in the same video editing hub, and get organized together with your workmates. Because of this, you can organize your content and uploaded it in separate projects. However, you can't add a large number of people to a given workspace, as all of them get the 'Admin' status and privileges. An option to make the distinction between a regular user and the admin would be extremely useful.

ScreenSpace's interface is modern and intuitive. Also, the initiative of creating a tool that is suitable for less tech-savvy individuals is really good and welcomed. However, it is pretty difficult to integrate video editing capabilities in a super simplistic manner. This tool only addresses the need for small projects and it is not suitable for large, ambitious designs.

Also, some of the minuses that ScreenSpace presents are its cost (that is a bit too high for what it offers) and the video loading that sometimes lags (even for super small video files).