Even the most user friendly applications can prove to be difficult to use by some people. In some cases the help manual is enough to get you through however, if not even that helps you progress, do a quick search on the Internet for a tutorial, which can be created using ScreenSteps.

Guiding steps you create are based on screenshots. These are all stored in an article, to which you can add text, a title to each step, as well as a short description, all of these ensure you that no necessary info is left unmentioned.

The main window of the application is the place where every action you make will be visible and editable. Multiple manuals can be created, each with its own articles in which the help you want to offer is found.

Before you are able to do any of the above you must go through a few steps in order to create a web page in which all of your work will be stored and made visible to the public. You serve the role of an administrator, with the possibility to check and decide when an article is good enough to be uploaded as a help manual. When this is done you will be given an option to go directly to the page and view the result.

All manuals created will be accessible, with all of the steps you create and manage in the main window, as well as the screenshots. These are easy to get a hold of, just select the area you want to edit, or the whole desktop. The next step will let you do a little post processing, if necessary, adding indicators, sequence annotations and more.

ScreenSteps puts at your disposal a professional interface for you to use in order to assemble help manuals to get people out of sticky situations. Given the web page you are required to create before anything else, makes it even easier to distribute, saving you time if you were wondering how to put your work to good use.