If you're a PC gamer or are heavily testing various applications on your computer, you might've heard about image grabbing tools that can help you capture your screen whenever you feel like it.

One of the applications that can help you in the situation depicted above is Screentik.

Since it's a Windows Store application, you can install it without breaking a sweat, as the only necessary steps are reaching its product page, clicking the "Get App" button and the "Install" one.

The rest of the process unfolds automatically, without any additional assistance on your side. You won't even need to specify the location path or choose to create desktop shortcut icons.

As mentioned above, Screentik can help you perform screen captures in a quick, effortless manner. You need to select your favorite capture mode by either using the toolbar buttons or selecting the desired options from the "Capture" menu.

Among screen capture modes you can find "Fullscreen," "Active Window," "All-in-One," "Window," "Rectangular" and "Freehand." Each of them are intuitive enough for virtually any user to comprehend and operate without struggling too much.

Unlike other apps from the Windows Store service, Screentik doesn't come with a large, full-screen layout. Instead, it fashions a small, simplistic interface that boasts traditional menus and toolbars.

The configuration menu enables you to adjust general settings, but also ones related to capture or destination. Hotkeys can also be customized from the same menu.

All in all, if you're looking for an easy way to take snaps of your screen, maybe Screentik is exactly what you need. It's simple enough to be used by virtually anyone and the features it encompasses make it highly flexible.