Along with advancement in technology, more and more accessibility tools started to flourish, with touch-supported devices greatly enhancing the way you interact with a device. However, the mouse is still commonly used as one of the main navigation and processing tools and application like ScrollNavigator aim to boost efficiency even more.

The application stores all of its features in a compact window. Although you get to work with various technical details and numerical values, no accommodation problems are encountered and there's even a help manual to get you out of sticky situations.

The core function is to give you the possibility to fully configure how to use mouse buttons in order to navigate more comfortably. By default, there are several predefined profiles for some commonly used applications and Windows features so you can go ahead and test them out.

Several tabs give you the possibility to view and manage scroll navigation, wheel and button options either for profiles individually or as a general rule. For more comfort, you can easily remove existing profiles or add your own by simply specifying a window, with a helpful utility that lets you drag a box over the target area.

You don't have to enable all features and only use options that provide the maximum ease of access. If you do want to use all of them, you might get to spend some time getting all values right and testing them out.

Most options are dedicated to scrolling, with the possibility to adjust any of your mouse buttons to use and scroll on both axes, or attribute custom hotkeys for each direction. What's more, settings are instantly applied and you can leave the application hidden in the system tray and even make it run at startup.

All things considered, we can safely state that ScrollNavigator is sure to enhance the way you use the mouse, with an abundance of methods dedicated to navigation and sensitivity. Practicality is a plus thanks to the possibility to simply target applications of interest, while the intuitive design makes sure settings, as difficult as they may seem, are adjusted in the blink of an eye.