Voyaging and conquering the high seas has been one of our greatest fantasies since the age of exploration. It didn't matter if we wanted to sail in order to travel uncharted waters and discover unknown lands, or if we wanted to be pirates looking for treasure, as both involved equally epic quests.

Sea Voyage 3D Screensaver manages to capture that feeling and deliver it to your screen so that you can feel, even if for a few brief moments, like a sailor.

Aside from some textures that are a bit aged, every aspect of this screensaver's visuals makes it look like it is the real deal. The water animations and reflections are pretty realistic, the way the boat moves and the sail flutter make it look like it is actually traveling the seas being blown by the wind.

All these visuals are also accompanied by a nice soundtrack made up of the sounds of the sea crashing against your ship's hull, and a piece of instrumental music that will stir up those feeling of looming epicness.

Despite the fact that most camera angles fill more than half of the screen with the water's surface, all those fluid animations and reflections do not seem to have much of an effect on your system's resources, as during testing the FPS values were constant, and there were no spikes in performance.

However if you do find yourself in the position of having to reduce or disable some of the features, you can do so by accessing the app's screensaver manager.

Sea Voyage 3D Screensaver is an app that will bring out your sense of adventure and action, making you wish you could set sail from the moment you start looking at it, making it a great screensaver to have in any library.