Search Engine Scraper is a SEO utility that includes a scraper to browse the Internet for web pages matching specific keywords, as well as a page rank checker that can sort websites by their page rank on popular search engines. It supports proxy configurations.

The program isn't wrapped in a setup file, so you can extract the files from the downloaded archive to a custom part of the PC, then double-click the .exe to fire up Search Engine Scraper. It can be saved to a thumb drive to directly run it on any machine.

Keep in mind that it's not actually portable, since it depends on .NET Framework to work properly, so you must have this software framework installed.

There's nothing much to say about the interface besides that the tool has a plain appearance and neatly structured layout, where the scraper, page rank checker and proxy configuration can be accessed from three tabs.

When it comes to the scraper, you can set one or more keywords in the empty box or import keywords from a plain text document. By default, human emulation is enabled and you can set the minimum and maximum wait time, as well as disable this feature.

The software application can run checkups on any Google domain, whether it's worldwide or available only in a specific country that can be selected from a list.

You can also set the language, number of results and time of result, as well as enter a search engine footprint and disable Google filtering. Once the search is done, you can remove duplicates with one click as well as save the results list to file.

For the page rank checker, you can similarly write the websites or import them from a list, as well as set the minimum and maximum waiting time before checkup. The list of domains and their page rank can be saved to file.

As for the proxy configuration, you can load content from file and set the timeout.

Unfortunately, Search Engine Scraper proved to be disappointing in our tests. It returned a list of only a handful of scraped search engine results (when there were quickly more) and failed to rank any websites we entered. On top of that, it was laggy most of the times.