The sea and all the expansiveness we associate with it have always charmed us in one way or another. Lighthouses act as a guide for those traveling by sea, especially during bad weather such as fog or storms.

Seascape 3D Screensaver tries to reenact that feeling generated by lighthouses that stand a guiding light for those overseas.

Most screensavers rely purely on visuals to charm you, with either hand-drawn 2D images or HD 3D ones. Seascape 3D Screensaver is an exception from that rule, as it uses both sounds and visuals to enchant you.

The visuals alone aren't something worth mentioning, as they are dated by today's standards. The models are very blocky, and some of the textures are a bit pixelated. Even the water, the element that occupies the majority of the screen-time, is pretty basic, with unrealistic reflections and movements.

However, those of you who grew up with screensavers such as this one, or have played games with similar graphics may find themselves thrown back to the good old days.

As mentioned before, the visuals are pretty dated, but the camera movements that let you admire the sunset, or climb up the lighthouse stairs almost compensate for this minor inconvenience. Additionally, the soothing music will make you want to pull out a blanket and just sit down and admire the beautiful sea.

Thanks to the low-quality graphics, the app ran very well during testing, as there were no performance issues encountered. Of course, those of you running older systems may encounter some issues, mostly because of the 3D rendering.

In order to prevent such issues, the screensaver manager can come in handy, as it offers a wide variety of adjustable audio and video options that will ensure that your app is running at optimum efficiency.

Seascape 3D Screensaver can only be described as a soothing experience, as the combination of camera movements, beautiful scenery and music will make you forget you're sitting in a chair in front of a computer.

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