It becomes harder and harder to remember all passwords for the accounts you use online, and even real life activities require some kind of security code, just like your credit card. Luckily, you can use various specialized applications like Secret Box to keep all of them safe, and never forget precious credentials.

You initially need to go through a setup process in order to make the application work. However, once it launches, it lets you create a portable version to be carried around on a personal USB flash drive, along with stored credentials. You just need to make sure that the computer you want to use it on is fitted with .NET Framework.

The visual design is no less than impressive, with a flat style perfectly blending in with the new Windows 10 UI. Although pretty compact, the main window is cleverly stored in two sections that let you navigate through corresponding categories, and items stored within. You can even quickly find credentials of interest through the built-in search function.

All credentials are stored in files, letting you keep multiple databases active. Each is secured with a custom password. In case you’re not really inspired for a new one, you can use the generator for a tough security code. It can then be used to encrypt the database using one of several dedicated algorithms.

When databases are configured, Secret Box can be used to add new items. There are several preset categories like account, instant messenger, email, Wi-Fi, remote desktop connection, VPN, credit card, secret notes, software component, or FTP server. Depending on the one you choose, different requirement fields become available.

Sadly, there’s no possibility to customize these preset groups, but they cover up pretty much of every area of interest. What you can do for easy identification is attribute one of the many built-in icons.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Secred Box is a reliable application that can remember your important credentials so you don’t have to. Multiple databases can be created, each encrypted through strong algorithms, based on passwords you can generate. Although you can’t add custom categories, the list of preset satisfies most requirements, each with specific fields that need to be filled in.