When dealing with data protection on your desktop, or even more than that, with testing some new app in a so-called “safe environment”, having a “sandbox” ready-to-go can come in handy. Of course, there are dozens of such dedicated programs, as well as the built-in, Windows sandbox mode. Secret Destkop Pro, however, aims at going even further, offering you basically a virtual machine, a “desktop-in-desktop” if you like, which also provides direct access to all of your installed apps or directories from your original system.

Right after the straightforward installation process, users can access the “new desktop” using either the shortcut or the tray area icon. This will make toggling between the two environments much easier.

However, there is no dedicated shortcut for performing that toggle, nor is there any option of configuring such a hotkey in the application’s settings. Although not such a major gripe, it would have made operating the app more efficient.

The alternative desktop offers a “Start Menu” kind of button, for accessing its features, and one of the best parts is the fact that users will be able to access the applications and files from their original desktop directly.

Directories can be added as protected, as well as clipboard data, which is a nice touch. Aside from several process viewing utilities and the protection capabilities, the app doesn’t seem to provide any innovative functionality.

This basic application will allow you to run a “virtual desktop” on your existing system, which offers access to all of your apps or directories, as well as some rudimentary form of on-demand encryption.