Secret Keeper serves as a secure storage container for your most sensitive data, such as passwords and credit card details. It can also create encrypted safes where any type of file can be stored, as well as to shred data to an unrecoverable state.

In other words, Secret Keeper is a program bent on delivering an enhanced level of privacy by protecting your personal information and by providing the essential tools that can arrange for an overall safer computing environment.

The application adopts a simple appearance, proving that looks is not its strongest point from the first acquaintance with its interface. However, there’s some benefit in this simplicity, because the program remains intuitive throughout your whole experience with it.

Of course, the application is protected with a master password, which you can setup during the first startup. Most of the GUI is dedicated to the records and the management of encrypted data, while the feature set is encased in just two menus and a quick toolbar with access to the most common functions.

Passwords, notes and credit card details are maneuvered from different sections, through simple, yet comprehensive dialogs. There’s a built-in password generator if you’re having trouble coming up with one, while credit cards can be added and recorded using key-less entries, through an on-screen keyboard that will prevent keyloggers from recording the data.

Other highlights include a safe container, where you can store and encrypt your most important files, backup and restore functions, a file shredder that deletes files beyond recovery, as well as the possibility to deploy the program onto a removable drive, so it can always be at your disposal.

In conclusion, Secret Keeper comes across as a powerful application that shields your information from prying eyes. The only downside we can put our finger on is the lack of better graphics.