Most of businesses premises today are protected by closed-circuit camera systems because it may discourage intended ill actions from taking place and have a high rate of identifying the perpetrators. If you decide to install such a  system, you'll need software that works with. Security Camera Viewer is a handy application that can give you a  helping hand.

The interface is pretty straightforward, after the installation is done, you don't have to do any tweaks to it, just let the app detect our cameras and follow a short step-by-step configuration, and all is set.

After a camera was detected and configured, it feeds will be displayed on the monitor within the app. Also, from the same place, you can cycle from device to devices, that if you have more than one camera.

The program is compatible with hundred models of IP cameras. It can automatically set up your cameras.

If the camera is within the local network Security Camera Viewer can find and connect it automatically. If the IP camera is available only on the Internet (for example, Security Camera Viewer runs a home computer, and IP camera is located in your office), you need to select the camera model from the list, and enter the IP address of the camera.

Security Camera Viewer detects movements, and after it makes a series of shots, it will switch on the warning horn. IP camera viewer notifies you of the incident sending a message to your email and attaching snapshots to the letter.

Furthermore, you can access the app via the Internet to view live video flow from the surveillance cameras. No matter where you are now, you need just to open a browser, visit a specific IP address and enter your login and password.

Security Camera Viewer is a handy application that fills the gap between your CCTV system and PC. It auto-connects to a great number of IP cameras, it can detect movement and, notice you about it and it can be used to access your cameras from any location through the Internet