Self Test Training - C_HANAIMP142 is a reliable application designed for users who wish to improve their knowledge in SAP HANA field. The program also allows you to practice for the certification exam, with learning and simulation tests. You may record your scores in order to observe your improvement.

Self Test Training - C_HANAIMP142 is structured similar to the actual certification exam in SAP HANA Application Associate (the 2014 Edition). The program includes a large series of questions that you need to answer, based on the instructions: multiple choice, with one or multiple answers.

The program features several practice methods, which allow you to plan your learning sessions according to your preferences. The Learning Mode, Assessment and Rapid Review allow you to view the questions along with the correct answers, while the Practice Mode is designed as an exam simulator. The session is timed and you may not view the correct answer.

Self Test Training - C_HANAIMP142 features multiple choice answer types, which you need to mark according to the instructions at every question. Before you can check your score, you can review all the questions, in case you selected a wrong option or forgot to give an answer.

The score sheet indicates whether you passed or not and the detailed report indicates the correct answers for each question. Each score you obtain in Learning or Practice Mode is recorded in the Exam History, so you may view your performance over time.

Self Test Training - C_HANAIMP142 allows you to practice and improve your knowledge, in preparation for the certification exam. The program is easy to use, features a friendly, intuitive interface. Moreover, it allows you to enter your own notes regarding the questions and to review your answers at any time.