Self Test Training - Cisco 200-101 is a simple to use application that can help you practice for the Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices certification exam. The program offers you a comprehensive learning environment, in which you may evaluate and improve your knowledge regarding the ICND2 exam.

Self Test Training - Cisco 200-101 is structured similarly to the actual certification exam, which is why it can easily help you prepare for the test. The program features sets of questions, with multiple choice answers, that you may practice and learn with.

You may select the desired set or sets of questions, in order to work with particular areas of the ICND2 studies. The questions may be selected based on their category, on keywords or they can simply be randomly rendered. The program allows you to evaluate yourself, by automatically generating your score and answer status, at the end of each test.

Self Test Training - Cisco 200-101 offers several study/practice methods, each of them displayed in the dashboard: Learning Mode, Practice Mode, Rapid Review and Assessment Test.

The Practice method features timed sessions, in which you may answer the question with one or several choices, based on the indications. The correct answers are only revealed at the end of the test, in the Detailed Report, along with the score.

The other three options are variations of the same learning method, which allows you to view the question and reveal the correct answer, on the spot. The exam simulator includes images and explanations for most answer choices.

Self Test Training - Cisco 200-101 is a reliable application, which features a friendly interface and offers several tools for practicing, plus knowledge evaluation. All the scores of the tests you take in Learning and Practice modes are stored, then displayed in the Exam History window. You may thus observe your score evolution and knowledge improvement.