Need to move files fast? Want to back files up to a second computer? Selkie Quick File Transfer is fast, easy file transfer between computers. Use this powerful program when you are upgrading to a new computer, or when you want to quickly move documents, photos, music, emails to another laptop or PC. SQFT will save you time and money.

Selkie Quick File Transfer is simple, secure, powerful file transfer software for documents, photos, images, emails, music - any kind of file you keep on your computer! You will be able to transfer all your files, or simply select a few important ones.

Selkie is fast because you don't have to wait for the program to scan your computer - it connects two computers directly. Selkie Quick File Transfer (SQFT) turns the source computer into a file server. This means all the documents, photographs, music, and files on this computer will be available to any other computer connected with a crossover cable.

Selkie Quick File Transfer uses a special technique which is 100% safe for files of all kinds. The program transfers all files from one computer to another in the same order they were on the original computer. No organization required!

SQFT is an easy-to-use bootable CD. When you turn on the source computer with your Selkie Quick File Transfer CD in its CD drive, Selkie will tell you what to do. SQFT will run entirely from the CD. Selkie's interface is simple - anyone can use it!


■ An Intel compatible PC (486 or better)

■ 16 MB RAM

■ CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive

■ Network connection to a second computer

■ CD/DVD burner

■ Floppy drive required if CD/DVD drive is not bootable


■ 30 days trial period