Sender's Time Zone is an useful Outlook extension designed to enable you to view sender's local time, date and timezone while opening or replying to e-mails.

When running the Sender's Time Zone installer, the setup process is finished rather quickly and without incidents, allowing you to start using its function right away.

In order to assess what the application can do, you need to run Microsoft Outlook and open or reply to an e-mail.

You will notice a discrete new bar in the upper side of your e-mail, where the local time of the sender is displayed.

When communicating via e-mails with people outside your time zone, it can get confusing to always calculate their local time.

So, in order to correlate your date and time with theirs with ease, Sender's Time Zone automatically displays the exact time the message was sent on.

With this lightweight extension, you are even informed about the number of hours difference between your local time and the sender's.

In case the time zone is not displayed accurately for the sender or receiver of your e-mail, you can edit it for each contact in particular, allowing you to accurately set the time zone.

You can choose from a drop-down list of all the time zones the one that you wish to assign to the specified contact.

A preview of the selected time zone is displayed by comparing your local time and date with the one of the selected contact.

Sender's Time Zone proves to be an useful and efficient Microsoft Outlook extension for those who often find themselves communicating with people from different time zones and need to accurately assess the local time.