In a work environment where more people use the same computer, for security reasons, it is best to restrict or limit access to certain functions and applications. This can either be done through your operating system's tools, or with the help of specialized utilities such as SentryPC.

From the first run, you are asked to set up an administrator account which is the only user having full access to everything. From there on it is up to you to decide what privileges each user is given, and for what time.

You are given various options to impose limitations, from denying access to applications, to website and chat filtering. All of these can be blocked under specified conditions, with the options to display a message to the user upon attempting to access something.

Time is a factor that can be closely managed, the administrator being able to set a total amount allowed per week, and even have a timer displayed in the main window of the application showing how much was used or is left.

"Additional Security Restrictions" allow for an even greater pallet of limitations for the Control Panel, Start Menu Button and even mouse functionality.

Besides the visible amount of time left to use weekly, you may also keep a close eye on everything that has been accessed or attempted. An email can be sent to the administrator at specific periods of time, and information can include screenshots to help prove a point in certain circumstances.

Furthermore, the ten most used applications, websites and search entries can be viewed and printed or saved for the record.

SentryPC is the police of multiple users. With all the options it has to offer and events that can be kept track of, it is not only a security option for office work, but can also be of use at home, keeping your kids some time away from the computer or potentially harmful web pages.